It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our Christmas Tree is up and I am in the holiday spirit!!  We actually put it up on Thanksgiving weekend, but I haven't gotten around to finishing all of the decorations until this past weekend.  Terry went out and bought it at Lowes and we had it out in the garage for two days to soak up all the water it could handle.  Then we brought it into the house on Sunday morning to let it acclimate and allow the branches to fall (although I was rip-roaring ready to start hanging ornaments and string the lights as soon as he brought it through the door).  

Our pretty tree in gold this year.  Each year we have done a different color theme; 2008 was silver, 2009 was blue, 2010 is gold. Wonder what 2011 will be?

In the process of hanging ornaments.  Terry's such a ninja, his left hand decided it didn't want to be a part of the picture....so it made itself disappear. 

A picture I snapped this morning on my way out.  Also, here's a sneak peak at my DIY Christmas Card display in the background.  Will post soon. :-)

How's everyone's decorations coming along?  Anyone being a grinch? Anyone already expecting coal in their stockings? 


Alexa said... Add Reply

Hey Aunt Lindsey!!! Nice tree and we already have our decorations up but no tree yet. Probably friday well get it. Anyways, Love you and Miss you. P.S. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

I am almost done with decorations. The tree is up and fabulous and I am getting ready for this weekend's party. Your tree looks great!

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