You know Dasher and Dancer...now meet Corky

What started as Christmas gift ornaments turned into a full on reindeer brigade with sleigh in tow.  This was my arts and crafts project on Thanksgiving during football and went through the rest of the weekend.  It took me a few tries to get the reindeer right.  Attempt #1 looked more like a small dog than a reindeer:

And while attempt #2 was ok, it just started to be too much.  It was too many things going on.

Attempt #3 is what I was most happy with, and Terry agreed.  Here's the one I decided to be Rudolph. :-)

My "ornaments" still at this point

 After I started looking at all of my reindeer, I realized that it wouldn't be very difficult to make a sleigh out of corks.  Some quick planning and three burned fingertips from the hot glue gun later, I had a perfect little sleigh. ...well almost perfect.  The front right cork is not completely straight.  Whatever.

After screwing in some islets (can be seen better on Attempt #2 pic), I ran ribbon down the line to hold them all together, and we shoved toothpicks into each one side by side so they won't fall over all the time.  All that's left to do is buy some grapes and use the stems to give them antlers, and then find a place to put it up in the house.  I love it!  And our Sleigh's "Santa" certainly will bring a lot of happiness and good cheer this holiday season....although I suppose there may be quite a few different Santas over the next few weeks. ;-) 


Alexa said... Add Reply

That is so cool looking! how long did it take you? Also tell Terry i said hi Love you Alexa:)

LGibbs said... Add Reply

Lex, it didn't take long once I figured out which reindeer I liked best. The one that looked most like a dog took a while because I had to cut two corks in half for its legs. I'll tell Terry you said hi, and I love you too!

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