Rams vs. 49ers 12/26/10

While we lived in Austin, Mom became a die-hard Texas Longhorns fan.  Now that we are in St Louis, Mom is in love with the Rams.  She calls every Sunday or Monday to give me updates, to which every week I continue to remind her that I am, and will always be, an Eagles fan (with a little side of Raiders fan for Terry's sake).
Mom has never been to a pro-sports game before, and as the Rams were in town Christmas weekend, we figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to introduce her to the experience. 
We had been stalking tickets online for the past month, and we were not having any luck.  The Rams actually had a semi-decent season this year and were vying for a playoff slot, so the Rams fans were out in full force for support.  We decided we were just going to try our luck and head down to the stadium to scalp tickets.  Mom and I dropped Terry off near the stadium to start haggling, and before we could even park and get to the restaurant to have lunch before the game, Terry had 3 tickets in hand.  And they were GOOD tickets at that. 
Our seats were 11 rows from the field on the 15 yd. line.  Great Experience!!  And the Rams won!!

seats without zoom...
Seats with zoom

We recorded the game but never went back to watch it, but if this guy was on TV, then we were too because he was up before every play!

Mom had a great time and really enjoyed the NFL experience; she's already excited for next year.


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