Dinner at Harvest

Mom wanted to celebrate our engagement with a nice dinner in St Louis.  She has quickly recognized that the main path to our heart is through our bellies ;-)

We at a restaurant that is new to us; Harvest. All of their food is from local farmers in the St Louis Region.

Mom and I both wore outfits that we bought during our shopping adventure for the photo shoot.
 Boyfriend (yah yah, fiance, same thing) looked so handsome.
We took a bottle of wine with us that Mom got us for a Christmas present 3 years ago.  She's been hounding us to open it, but we've always told her that it needs to lay down for longer and that we wanted to open it on a special occasion.  We thought this was a good a time as ever to open it.  Then we read the tasting note for the vintage....and it is stated to be in its best years through 2024.  Opened 12 years too soon.  Needless to say though, it was delicious. (It was a 2004 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cab Sauv for those curious)
Terry and Mom bonded over Oysters.  Who would have thought.  They ordered 2 of each different type of Oyster they had on the menu and they both said they could have sat and ate those all night for their entire dinner.  Silly!
I didn't take any other photos during the evening, but we all enjoyed our main dishes.  Mom and I each had Angus Hanger Steak, and Terry ordered the Fish of the Day. No one had any room for dessert.
It was a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Mom.  Much more than either of us every would have anticipated, and certainly nothing we expected.  Good memories. 


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