What became of Chunky Legs, and who won the bet

A year ago, we purchased what ended up becoming our master bathroom vanity.

The thing is, pretty much for a year, I've left you hanging on what became of the other half of the table.  See, we unhinged the top of the table from the base:

We chopped it in half length-wise....and yes, that was our former master bathroom vanity that our now current master vanity countertop is resting on.  Wouldn't YOU buy a house with a single-sink, two-toned purple vanity in your Master too?!?  Duh.

Then we re-assembled and poof!, it's our glorious master bath. 

So what became of the other half? (thanks for asking, since I know you're curious).  We made a bet on whether or not we could sell it, just like any other loving and slightly competitive couple would do!!
I admit that I was downright certain skeptical that no one would want to buy half of a table for 1/2 the price we bought it for.  Terry was convinced it would be an easy sell.  And so the bet was on!

We staged it in our living room and posted these pictures as well as our completed bathroom makeover up on trusty old Craigslist.  And then we waited.

For a week, all that we got was one fraud email, and one insulting low-ball of an offer.  The funny thing about staging it for us was that once we re-purposed it, we thought about actually keeping it for ourselves and taking it with us to the next house we went to.  Sentimental in a way, but always being able to keep a little piece of our first house with us.
I re-posted the ad again the next weekend, and it must have just been the timing of the post, but it got hit up like crazy with offers. We got full asking price and it was picked up the next day.

So I am here to announce, I lost the bet.  Terry is the wisest of them all!!  (But seriously, I know it really is such an awesome piece, but would YOU HAVE THOUGHT we'd get full asking price for HALF A TABLE?!?)  The power of staging and free advertising. 


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Did the buyer say what they were going to do with their 1/2? I liked keeping for 'sentimental', but that's why I now have 2 cluttered houses to deal with.

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