Hall Bathroom Update Continued

So we left off here.

What is up with the half painted wall, you may say? Well, we opted to install wainscoting! (bad picture, sorry)
Adding on the trim and base boards. Mind you the vanity came in and out roughly five times so we knew proper cuts and edges.  Putting my puny little arms to work.
Another angle
Which I guess is a great segue into how the vanity has turned out.
We sanded all the previous stain away and started from scratch, applying Jacobean wood stain.  It took several coats, but we were happy with the outcome.
 I think that it looks a bit dark in this photo as far as the color goes, but you can see that it's super glossy with the polyurethane layers we added to it so it would be durable in a bathroom setting i.e. high moisture area.
One last check before we brought it in with the vessel sink on top to set it firmly in place and glue it in place.
 Again, from the picture above I think it looks so dark, but the true shade is closer to the picture below.
 We brought in the sink to measure exactly where it would sit on top of the vanity. We marked it off, then shimmied the vanity out to have a little extra room, spread a silicone bead all over the bottom of the sink, and set it back down in place.  What a stinky mess!  But the reward paid off.
Note: I think that from this angle, the sink looks tiny.  So tiny that it makes it look silly to have two faucets on it. 
In actuality, it's a very long sink.  I made Terry model a 280'ish lb man on one side using the sink comfortably and he's still not close to the center of the sink. (Bad picture again, but I didn't have time to fool with it when he agreed that he'd model for me. These chances happen so infrequently)
 The final step in securing the vanity permanently into the bathroom was to silicone it to the wall.  FYI, this stuff smells like concentrated white vinegar, so I took this shot and then was coughing for 5 minutes. 
Voila!  Oh, and we just hung the mirror.  Double Voila!!  Oh and the mirror gives away that we've hung a shower curtain and framed in the laundry area, but we're not complete with that part yet.....so you're gonna have to wait until after this weekend!
It really looks so amazing in person.  Just still so hard to believe how it started and what it's become. 


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