The Kitchen: Final wallpaint and we're happy!

Refreshing the memory; we've had horrible luck with painting our kitchen.
Memorial Day was a doozy.
We've gone from Tan to primed white to green, to darker green, to Miami Orange, to mellow orange, to our final product.  Ugh! 
Here's the best photo I could find of a blank canvas for the color. Pre-backsplash and pre-gas stove and matching microwave. 
The kitchen color fiasco was all solved when Terry brought home this color palette one evening after a Home Depot trip.
Of course, me being me, I immediately said, "Purple?!" (although to be fair I think I had a little reason to think that was far-fetched).  He stuck with it and we went and bought little paint samples to test it out.

We started with T painting the ceiling. It was looking pretty dingy, and when we put up the new paint, it made it almost look gray up there. Oops. Then we tried out the three colors to see if it would work.  Elephant Skin would go around the main band along the ceiling, Burnished Clay would go on the main wall with the french doors, and Darkest Grape would be our accent coloring behind the refrigerator and in the nook leading down the main hallway.

I was a little hesistant about the purple still, so we went and bought another paint sample to ease my worries.  You can see that we put that up next to the original purple in the photo below, and it was just too dark.  It was a major help in my concern, and well worth the $2.99 for the sample.
Next, Terry trimmed in the Burnished Clay over the dreadful Orange.  
 We Love it! It works well in all lighting , and with that space getting all light-options of the day, it was a win!
 So much of a win, that we opted to paint the main hallway and entrance-way the same color.  It has made our home look very crisp and more contemporary. 
Another shot leading down the hallway, and base trim and french door trim!!!  It is all finally coming together!
 Here's all three colors in a night shot, and it doesn't get too dark and washed out.
 Here's in the daytime, and it still looks crisp (There's painters tape up still along the cabinet in the photo below. Oops)
 Last photo when we first painted behind the entryway into the dining room next to the refrigerator.  Later, I ended up pulling out the fridge and painting the entire wall so that there wasn't the tan cutoff like you can see in this picture.
We love how the space looks now! Finally colors that coordinate and bring life to the kitchen, and that aren't neutrals to fade into the rest of the neutral space. 
And, yes, our kitchen has purple......and it rocks!


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