Mary Poppins

Last week, I went with a friend and her daughter to see Mary Poppins on stage at the Peabody Opera House. We went and had a quick dinner at Lola before dinner, which was delicious! 
Excuse the horrible iPhone photos, but we weren't allowed to have cameras as they "could harm the actors". 
The sets were remarkable.  I wish I was able to show you what I can still visualize in my head.  I just felt transported to my childhood.  Singing along to "ohhh it's a jolly holiday with Mary" made my heart swell.
This picture doesn't do any justice, but the way they manipulated this free-standing house was almost like magic on stage. 
I'd never been to the Peabody Opera House before here in St Louis, and after seeing it inside, I wished we'd been more.  Stunning space, everything an Opera House should be!

Who wants to go to the theater with me next??


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