Hall Bathroom: I don't know where to start, so I'll start here

Since I've last posted about the bathroom, we are essentially a toilet and shower head installation away from a finished product.  That being said, I clearly haven't done a good job of keeping up with posting.  We've been busy.  So rather than spend an exorbitant amount of time in attempting to figure out the best breakdown of posts, I'm just gonna go with it.  It may be out of sync, it may be a little hard to follow.  Sorry.  Otherwise, I'll more than likely dawdle a few more days away before I start to post about it again.
Here we go!
From where I left off with finishing the floor in travertine tile, we decided to also run the travertine around the shower wall to make a more cohesive look to the space.
We had to tear out the previous shower wall and backerboard due to mold growth.  Pictures not necessary....lets just say it was black on some parts.
 New backer board
 Water sealant.
Midway through the shower tile install...
Shower tub to ceiling finish.  I think it creates an illusion to the eye to make the room seem taller.  Especially while standing in the shower.
And what you may or may not have caught two pictures before was that in the midst of tile installation, we started priming and painting!  Yes, don't adjust your computer monitors, that is in fact YELLOW!  Butter Cream to be exact.  Picked out by the one and only Big Man of the house. This isn't a great picture, but it's the only one I can show at this time point and not give away a ton of the other fun that has happened.

Also in the midst of shower tile installation and painting: Installing the backsplash around the sink.  We rented a tile saw, so we had to do things a bit out of order and mock up where we were going to place the sink, then pulled it back out to finish the vanity. I know this picture is a big giveaway (duh) of what to expect of the vanity, but its the only way I can show the backsplash and it make any sense.  And the vanity looks entirely different since this photo.
And certainly a lot different from how we bought it when we moved in......

So here's how I'll leave it for today. I'm writing up the next post now (slow day) so there will certainly be a post for tomorrow.  Continuing with "Why is the wall only half painted?" and "Whats the vanity really look like now?"
 Again, one final reminder of where we started (below) and where we're headed (above).  Crazy pants!


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