What the Hail!!!

Roughly 3 hours after I finished up with the yard sale of the century, some of the worst weather we've had in about a year came tearing through St Louis.  Mind you, all morning it was a bright sunny beautiful day, Terry even went to play golf if that's any indication!!  I finished up all of my errands and had just got home to finish up my book (The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern...SO GOOD), and I heard the TORNADO SIRENS GO OFF.  What?!?!
I turned on the news, and this was my view.  The picture came out blurry (grrr iphone), but our house is dead center of the red square.  I took a picture and sent it to Terry, and within 2 minutes it went from sunshine and happiness to power out, limbs down, torrential rain, and me hunkered in our Hall Bathroom calling anyone I could in the area to see who had power and tell me if I was going to die. 
When I got the all clear that tornado danger had passed me, the hail started.  It sounded like 500 people were aiming for golf swing target practice on our roof.  I went to the front room window because they were coming down on the back windows too hard where I was scared it may break on me to catch the action.  
Then I went out on our front porch and grabbed a few that had bounced up close.  There were so way larger ones out further in the yard, more like tennis call size, but I couldn't get to them without risking getting knocked out in the process.  
In the grand scheme, we made out pretty lucky.  Two of my coworkers live about 5 miles north of us, and they had softball sized hail and fully shattered windshields.  Yikes!!  What craziness through for a random Saturday afternoon. 


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